Green Energy C Suite Jobs

Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Continued growth in renewable energies, including Solar, Wind (Onshore & Offshore), and other forms of Green Energy (Wave/Tidal & Hydro), remain of great importance in the transition to a cleaner energy environment. Green Executives have placed numerous specialists over the full project lifecycle since being founded in 2013. The growing Environmental awareness surrounding the requirement for cleaner energy is a significant area of focus at Green Executives.

  • Joe Hetherington
    Joe Hetherington

    Managing Partner

    Joe is the Managing Partner at Green Executives. He has over 11 yea...

  • Nikola Kindlova
    Nikola Kindlova

    Senior Partner

    ​Nikola is a Senior Partner at Green Executives. She has 15 years o...

  • Ben  Chater
    Ben Chater


    Ben's ​role is to support project delivery for executive level posi...

  • Chris Brannigan
    Chris Brannigan


    Chris is the Partner responsible for the CFO and Energy Finance Pra...

  • Laura Sparrow
    Laura Sparrow

    Group Talent Acquisition Director

    ​Laura leads our global talent acquisition team and is responsible ...