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Clean Tech

Clean Tech

An integral part of the Energy Transition is technological advancements which enable cleaner methods of energy generation and storage to be harnessed. Scientific advancements in “Clean Tech”, including Fuel Cell technology, Battery/Energy Storage, Emissions Reduction, Carbon Capture and the capability of reaching and maintaining a carbon-neutral footprint are all becoming highly active areas in this sector. Green Executives network within these new and emerging markets have successfully built a number of strategic leadership teams across the globe.

  • Adam Small
    Adam Small

    Senior Partner

    ​Adam is a Senior Partner at Green Executives. Adam is a seasoned p...

  • Nikola Kindlova
    Nikola Kindlova

    Senior Partner

    ​Nikola is a Senior Partner at Green Executives. She has 15 years o...

  • Ben  Chater
    Ben Chater


    Ben's ​role is to support project delivery for executive level posi...

  • Laura Sparrow
    Laura Sparrow

    Group Talent Acquisition Director

    ​Laura leads our global talent acquisition team and is responsible ...