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Green Executives Forms Advisory Committee to Support the Green Economy

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​Green Executives, the dedicated executive search practice for the green economy, is excited to announce the formation of its Advisory Committee. The committee is comprised of industry experts who bring a wealth of experience and knowledge in sustainability and the green economy.

"Our vision is to shape the future of the green economy by enabling outstanding executive leadership," said Joe Hetherington, Managing Partner of Green Executives. "With the formation of our Advisory Committee, we can offer even greater value to our clients by providing them with access to a team of professionals who can offer valuable insights, broaden their search pool and help to ensure that their search criteria are aligned with their sustainability goals."

As an innovative and modern approach to executive search, exclusively for the green economy, Green Executives is committed to helping organisations, find the right leaders to drive their sustainability agenda forward. With the formation of the Advisory Committee, clients can now benefit from the expertise and networks of a team of industry leaders who can help them to through the proves of attracting the “right” talent. Each member of the committee undertakes to support our clients on a confidential basis, acting independently on our clients’ behalf, making them a trusted advisor to each client.

In addition, the Advisory Committee can also act as a sounding board for clients, providing feedback and guidance on the search process and helping to offer additional, valuable insight into the market. As industry figures and experts, the committee can also help to broaden clients' search pool by leveraging their networks and connections in the green economy, identifying potential candidates who may not be on their radar.

"Finally, the committee members can serve as ambassadors for our clients' organisations, helping to promote their sustainability agenda and values to potential candidates and stakeholders," said Hetherington. "We believe that the formation of the Advisory Committee is a significant step towards our mission of offering an innovative and modern approach to executive search, exclusively for the green economy."

Meet our Advisory Committee

Green Executives Advisory Committee is currently made up of the following members from industry:

  • Volker Beckers - distinguished career as senior executive in an international environment; last executive positions as Group CEO & CFO of RWE/Npower Group. He now works for a portfolio of companies of different sizes as Non-Executive Director/Chair spanning across all sectors – private, public and academia.

  • Tove Feld– Non-Executive Director for TRIG, Former CTO of Wind Power at DONG Energy (now Orsted) and Managing Director of DNV Global Wind Energy.

  • Andy Cox – Former Senior Partner at KPMG, Head of Energy Transition at Howden Group, Chief Impact Officer of the Forward Institute, Non-Executive Chairman at Zoa Technologies, and a Non-Executive Director of the Energy & Infrastructure team at Browne Jacobson LLP.

  • Gareth Miller - CEO at Cornwall Insight, following successful careers as an energy project financier for Barclays and as a civil servant at the Department of Energy and Climate Change

Speaking on the formation and as Chair of the Advisory Committee, Volker Beckers stated “The Advisory Committee addresses a gap in the technical advice available to clients in the green economy. As the sector scales the ability to find sustainable solutions to how firms attract, retain and motivate the right executive talent will become increasingly critical. The Advisory Committee is poised to resolve this challenge by combining some amazing industry insights with the service offering of Green Executives.”

About Green Executives

Green Executives is a dedicated executive search practice for the green economy. With a vision to shape the future of the green economy by enabling outstanding executive leadership, Green Executives offers an innovative and modern approach to executive search, exclusively for the green economy. For more information, please visit



Joe Hetherington

Managing Partner

Green Executives